Simple Valentine's Decor: A Heart Garland~

Hello Lovelies!

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved Valentine's Day.  It's a bright spot in the middle of the winter months where we can share our love with our families!  So adding a bit of Valentine's decor to my house every year is something I always do.

And because I believe in Honest Decorating, I wanted to add some Valentine whimsy to my daughter's room without spending a fortune.  Here's what we did...

We created this darling heart garland out of some paint chips and twine.

It didn't require any special tools...and honestly, anyone could do.  It was so simple, I really don't even need to post instructions.  But I'm going to anyway....'cause that's the kind of friend I am. Lol!

I just cut some hearts out of pink and red paint chips.  Then punched a hole in each one and tied them onto a piece of red and white baker's twine.  See what I mean?  Easy.  So easy.  

Then we just pinned them to the wall above her bed and voila!  A little bit of Valentine fun!

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