Making Our Homes Our Sanctuaries: Gratitude~

After my last post about making our homes our sanctuaries, I got to thinking even further, and before I begin posting about the practical ways we can make our homes into places of refuge from the outside world, I wanted to talk about one more way that our attitudes toward our homes can help to create a feeling of sanctuary.

We can have...

It's so easy in today's social media culture, to compare ourselves to others.
We are surrounded on a daily basis with beautiful images on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Facebook.
And even though logically we know that no one's home is picture perfect all the time, it can be difficult to remember that when we are looking at photo after photo of gorgeousness.

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How do we combat these feelings of inferiority?

If you are reading this post, it means you have access to the internet.  Which means that you live in a society where you have electricity.  This fact alone means your standard of living is higher than many people throughout the world.

Having the blessing of living in a house means the same.

But sometimes, just knowing these things isn't enough to keep us feeling grateful because the insidious comparison-monster creeps into our thoughts and draws our attention to all the ways we believe we are inferior.  And this isn't just limited to our homes.  It extends to our clothing, our cars, our body shapes, even our age.

One way I have found which helps me to feel grateful is to keep a Gratitude Journal.  Taking a minute everyday  to write down things I am grateful for helps me to remember how blessed I truly am.  Even if I only have time to jot down one little mind is drawn to the positive aspects of my life and it helps me feel grateful.

Taking this a step further and teaching our families to notice their blessings will go a long way toward creating a feeling of sanctuary within our homes.  I truly believe this.

So I challenge you, my dear readers, to take a few minutes today and contemplate all the ways in which you are blessed.  Even in the bleakest of circumstances, there are blessings.  Look for them.  Acknowledge them.  And have a wonderful day.



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Parsimonious Perfection said...

Beautiful, heartfelt post. :)

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