Styling a Glass Bowl Centerpiece 3 Times

Today, I'm really excited to be joining in on the Styled x3 challenge hosted by my adorable friend Stacy of Not Just a Housewife.

Each month, Stacy sends two bloggers an item and challenges them to style it.  Since, the holidays are just around the corner I decided to style mine for Christmas.

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I received this adorable faceted bowl in the mail a few days ago, and the ideas started flowing...

I knew that I wanted to fill it with something natural so I pulled some pine cones out of my Christmas decor.

But I also wanted some bling, so I grabbed my trusty mirror glass spray paint and sprayed them.  Then I piled them in the pretty dish and added a bit of greenery.

It was so simple and turned out so pretty! 

For more inspiration, make sure and check out the way Stacy and Gloribell of I Don't Know How She Does It styled their bowls as well!

Have a great day!



1 comment:

Stacy Risenmay said...

I never would have thought to spray them with mirror spray paint! Cool effect!

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