Why I Chose Laminate Flooring For My House - Part II - Narrowing My Choices

This post is sponsored by Quick-Step.  I received Quick-Step flooring and accessories free of charge to facilitate my review.

Thank you for joining me for this second installment of my series on installing laminate flooring in Hydeaway Cottage.  You can read about the reason I chose to use laminate in my first post here.

If you recall, this is what my living room looked like BEFORE with the dark brown carpet. 

Once I made the decision to use Quick•Step laminate flooring to replace carpet on my main floor, the fun part really began...picking a style and color.  There are so many styles and colors available, the process could have been overwhelming.  But since this is something that I do on a daily basis for clients, I have a couple of tips to share.

First, pay attention to the other finishes in the space.  Since I was installing my flooring in an existing space, I needed to take into account the other finishes that were already in the space.  For example, I knew that I wouldn't be pulling up the tile in my kitchen or the carpet that was on the stairs.  Since those were staying, it was important that whatever laminate I chose worked well as it transitioned to those other flooring types.  I also took into account the color of the paint on the walls. In short, anything that was permanent - or that I knew I wouldn't be changing any time soon.

These were the samples that I chose to have Quick-Step send me.

Second, make sure you get samples and bring them into your space.  Seeing products on a computer screen and seeing them in person are two very different things.  I knew that I wanted a wide plank flooring, and I knew that I wanted it to have some grain to it.   I also knew that I wanted a more bleached look for the color.  So, I perused the available products on the Quick•Step website and had them send me several samples of different styles and colors. 

Once I received the samples, I started by putting each sample next to the other finishes until I had narrowed it down.  Then, I used this great app that Quick*Step introduced called Style My Floor to try the flooring out in my space.  This is an amazing tool for people who have a difficult time visualizing how a flooring might look once it's installed.  Even though this is something I do all the time in my line of work as a designer, it was still a lot of fun to see what the flooring would look like once it was installed in my room.


After I could see that my choice really looked how I wanted it to look, I ordered the flooring...and waited excitedly for it to arrive.  Join me for my next post where I'm going to talk about the installation process.

Learn more about Quick•Step:

This post is sponsored by Quick-Step.  I received Quick-Step flooring and accessories free of charge to facilitate my review.  As always, the opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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