Paint Dipped Ladder DIY and Hygge

Hello Lovelies!

Perhaps you have heard the term Hygge which has been floating around the interwebs for the past several weeks.  It refers to a Danish practice of making their homes cozy and comfortable.  It includes things like candlelight, books, cozy socks and blankets.

I loved the idea of incorporating Hygge into my own home during these long, cold winter months.  And so I set about finding ways to cozy up our home.

You may recall a couple of posts back that I added an electric fireplace to my master bedroom.  I've loved having it in there (as my bedroom is one of my favorite places to be in Hydeaway Cottage).  I've also made sure that we have plenty of reading material handy.  And I love candles (burned only under close supervision of course)!

As I was thinking of fun ways to add blankets around the house, I decided that I would like to use a blanket ladder in my living room.   But, there was only one problem.  I had no ladder.  

So I asked my mother, who usually has just about anything that I could need or want, if she had a ladder I could use to hang blankets on in my living room.  She did, of course.  In fact, she had two.  The first option was darling, but too tall for the space.  The second option was a ladder that my dad had fashioned out of the old sides of my baby crib.  It wasn't actually functional as a ladder, but works perfectly for my intended purpose.

So, I brought the ladder home.  And decided that I wanted to give it the "paint dipped" look.  I simply took some metallic gold acrylic paint, and brushed on several coats over the bottom 1/3 of the ladder.

After letting it dry, I propped the ladder against the wall and hung a "Hudson Bay" style blanket over it.  I love the way the blanket cozies up the room...and I especially love the fact that the ladder was made from my baby crib. Talk about adding some Hygge to my house.  :)

Have a cozy day!



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