Art-spiration - A New Blog Series

I'm really excited today because I've teamed up with my amazing artist sister, Holly Platt, to bring you a new series.


Holly in her studio.

Art is extremely important to me.  And I believe it is extremely important in design.  It is a very personal expression of the things that we find beautiful or that speak to us in some way.

Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to make art work in a space.  I love to use art as a jumping off point for many of my spaces and that is what Holly and I thought would be a fun idea to share with you.

How to use art as the inspiration for a space...the ART-SPIRATION if you will (see how we did that?  lol!)

Today, we're starting with this beautiful piece by Holly called Winter Birches.  It is an 18x24 acrylic on canvas.

I decided to design an office with this piece as my jumping off point.  And here is what I came up with...

I ran with the silvers and cool blues of the winter-y landscape and warmed the space up with natural woods.  I think a room like this would be amazing with either white or moody blue walls depending on whether you want to take the space in a more feminine or a more masculine direction.

You can see from the inspiration board, how the art really does set the tone for the space.  The color, the mood, the wood tones...all of them were pulled directly from the artwork.

If you are interested in starting an art collection...or if you just want to purchase a really gorgeous piece of art, check out Holly's instagram page:

And stay tuned for our next installment of Art-spiration!

Room Sources:

Bookcase, Curtains and Chairs:  Ballard Designs
Lamp:  Target
Desk:  Target
Rug:  Amazon
Pillows:  Pop o' Colot on Etsy



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Holly said...

It is beautiful Wendy!!! That rug...😍 Now I want this room. Lol

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