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Hello Lovelies!

I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  I'm turning 45 (gulp.)  I'll be honest, 45 sounds kind of old to me.  And I wasn't at all happy about my upcoming age-change for quite a while.  But lately, I've had an epiphany of sorts about my age.
And in all honesty, I'm pretty excited about it.

I've decided that 45 is going to be a year of transformation for me.

I'm giving myself a makeover.  And when I say makeover, I'm not talking simply about a physical makeover - although that is certainly going to be a part of it.  I'm talking about an all-encompassing life makeover.  It's going to take into account virtually every part of my life.
And I'm going to be sharing all about it as the year goes on.

But today, I wanted to talk a little bit about skin care.  Because I'm the age I am, taking good care of my skin is very important to me.

I am trying many new things for my skin, and I'm going to share all of them in turn.  But today, I wanted to talk a bit about Rodan and Fields.

I'm sure you've heard of this company.  They're all over social media.  You've probably seen the before and after photos like I have.
And if you're like me you're intrigued by them.

I had been wanting to try their products for quite a while.  And then, a friend of mine who happens to be a Rodan and Fields distributor offered to let me try the Reverse Regimen.

I was crazy excited.  And I followed the regimen perfectly.  My opinion?

I LOVE IT!  Like really LOVE IT!!

But I felt bad because even though I took before and after pictures, I didn't feel like the photos did justice to the changes I was seeing in my own skin.
The texture change was one of the biggest.  My skin became so smooth and I really felt like it glowed.  But, I don't have a photo that really shows that change.

I will say, however, that I was so impressed with Rodan and Fields, that after I finished the Reverse Regimen, I decided to buy an Amp Roller and Night Renewal Serum.

This treatment (which I've been doing for a few weeks now) has already created visible results.  And I am really excited to share with you a before and after photo that shows these results...just look at the skin on my neck!

It's visibly firmer!  The Amp Roller is supposed to increase collagen production in the skin...and if this photo is any indication, I really think that it's doing its job.  I have also noticed a bit of a decrease in the lines on my forehead, although a before/after photo of those isn't nearly as dramatic as this one.

Now, I'm very budget conscious.  And I know that Rodan and Fields is not inexpensive.  But, I also have learned that it really works.  So, I am going to try and work it into my budget as part of my skin care routine.  And if you're interested in Rodan and Fields, please check out my friend Dawn's page.

I'll be sharing some of the other budget-friendly ways that I'm working on my skin in the next several weeks, so please stay tuned!


I was given Rodan and Field's Reverse Regimen at no cost to facilitate this review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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