Hello Lovelies,

I'm going to wax a bit philosophical today.  I hope you don't mind.

There is a word that  has been playing on my mind for a few weeks and I feel like I need to share a little bit about it with you today.

And what is that word, you ask?


I'm not sure exactly why I have been thinking about entropy lately.  But it keeps coming to mind, and then the other day, one of the newsletters I follow sent an email out that talked about the idea of entropy, and I figured there must be a reason that it keeps coming up in my life right now.  And if it's something that needs to be thought about by me...maybe it might benefit you as well.

Entropy by definition (courtesy of Merriam-Webster) is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system.
And the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy will only increase over time, or that all matter is constantly moving toward a state of chaos.

So, let's liken Entropy to our lives shall we?

Essentially, our lives can get way too complex and chaotic if we let them.  And it actually takes effort to keep them from getting that way.

We have to make a conscious decision to simplify our lives.  And that can take the form of many different things.

For example, as a woman and mothers, I get pulled many different directions.  And I don't know about you, but it can be very easy to feel the need to be everything to everyone.  This is quite simply unhealthy.

So rule #1 in fighting Entropy in our lives is to learn to say "NO".

I'm not advocating saying "no" out of laziness or disinterest.  I'm advocating saying "no" when we really and truly don't have the time, energy or means to take on another thing.  Don't let your personal guilt-o-meter (and trust me, I have a very strong sense of guilt) cause you to take on more than you can handle.

rule #2 in fighting Entropy in our lives is to set goals.

Goals give us things to strive for.  But goals alone will not defeat the tendency of life to get chaotic.  Rather, plans to achieve those goals will give us guidance and direction to move forward in an orderly fashion.

rule #3 in fighting Entropy is to give your energy to simplifying your life.

The thing about entropy is that it is a natural process governed by natural laws.  It is just plain easier for things to become disordered because it requires energy to put the systems in place that will keep them in order.  This is true of simplicity in our lives.  If we just sit back and let life happen to us, if we just say "yes" to everything that we're asked to do because it's easier than letting someone down, if we just hope for the best and don't set goals to make good things happen in our lives...we will slowly descend into a chaotic, crazy life that won't keep us (or our families) happy and healthy.

So that's my soap box for today, Lovelies.
Live life purposefully.  Set goals.  Work to accomplish them.  Be mindful of your needs and the needs of your family.
In short...kick Entropy's butt.


To give credit where credit is due:  Inspiration for this post came in part from the writings of James Clear.


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