Teen Bedroom Plans~

My oldest son is 16 - soon to be 17.  He'll be a senior next year.  I can't believe that this is likely the last year that he'll be living here at home.  I miss him already and he's still here! (Mom problems...Lol!)

We moved into Hydeaway Cottage almost 3 years ago.  And in all the time, I haven't really done anything with his bedroom.  Since this is his last year at home, I wanted to give him a really cool place to hang out.

He's a filmmaker, so when I asked him what he wanted for his room, he told me he wanted it to be movie-themed.  That can be pretty broad, and if you're not careful, extremely cheesy. So we talked about specifics and finally landed on the idea of an "Old Hollywood" feel.

We liked the idea of a Chesterfield Sofa, but his room isn't quite big enough for a sofa and a bed.  Then I remembered having seen a Chesterfield-style bed in the RH Kids catalog.  My budget for his room is next to nothing, so Restoration Hardware wasn't a possibility.  But I did find a great looking Chesterfield Daybed on Overstock.

Here is the in-process room....

The bed is going to be our big splurge for the space. The bedding on it right now is only temporary, although I really like the faux fur idea.   He wanted black walls.  I wasn't so sure about that, so we compromised and used Cyberspace from Sherwin Williams which is a dark navy-toned gray.  Once we got the color on the walls, I really started loving the lounge-y feel of the space and so did he! Now I'm working on shopping the house to create the rest of the space.

Luckily, for artwork, he wants movie posters.  And those can be found very inexpensively.  (Or we may end up using some of the ones he already has).  Either way, we'll come up with something amazing without spending much, if anything.

I'll keep you posted on the room as it comes together, but we're off to a great start!



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