Motivation Monday: Contentment

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to another Motivation Monday.

This weekend I was thinking quite a bit about how things always seem to go better when I am content.  What do I mean by that?

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I'm about to quote one of my posts (for those of you who don't follow me, you totally should.  lol!)

I try to make each of my Instagram posts motivational...if I'm given a platform like that it seems to me that I should use it for good.

On this particular Friday, I was struggling to come up with an inspirational caption.

This is what I ended up with...

"I was hoping to come up with some inspirational caption to share with all of you as we head into the weekend, instead my mind kept wandering.  I thought about my sister who had been visiting, but just headed home,  I thought about my son's college applications,  (What?!? I can't believe he's a Senior this year), I thought about how I need to clean the house now that my house guests have gone. I thought about life.  Although none of those things are particularly inspirational in and of themselves, they are my life.  And I am grateful for them.

I have a sister who is my best friend... and though we live miles apart, we still get to spend time together.  I have a son who is intelligent and driven and is excited for college and a career.  I have a house that is welcoming where family wants to come visit.  

There is almost always a silver lining... a blessing in the everyday."

And thus, what started out as me searching for something inspirational to share, ended up being inspirational.  All because of contentment.  All because I took the time to see the beauty and the blessings in the little everyday things.

When we find contentment in our surroundings, contentment - not complacency - we are able to move forward with gratitude.  And gratitude, in turn, helps us to create the best possible versions of our lives.

And so  my challenge to you this week, my lovelies, is to search for your own contentment in the everyday events of life.  And let that contentment foster gratitude. 



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Anna said...

I love this line and find it most inspirational..."Gratitude, in turn, helps us to create the best possible versions of our lives." Thank you!

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