Mini-House Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
On Instagram, the single request that I have received the most during this Christmas season, is for a tutorial on how to make my Christmas House Ornaments.  (If you don't follow me on Instagram,  I'd love it if you would.)
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And during my Christmas House Tour I promised that I would share a tutorial, so here it is!  Better late than never.  But in actuality, although they look complicated, these little beauties are super simple to make.  You could whip out a few for some last minute Christmas gifts.  Or make some for next year!

You'll Need:  
(I've linked to several of the items for your convenience)

A photo of the house you'd like to draw
Grid paper or Regular Paper and a Ruler


Paint Brush

1. Use the photo of the house you like (ideally the photo should be a straight-on view of the house) and then draw the house.  Since the aim of the final ornament is to have a bit of whimsy, a precise drawing is not important.  Grid paper helps to keep the lines fairly straight, however.  Or you may use a ruler if you prefer.

2. After you have your drawing, place a piece of clear Shrinky Dink paper over the top and trace the house using the black Sharpie.  (Again, whimsy is the goal, so this doesn't have to be precise.)

3. Cut out the house.  And punch a hole in the top for an ornament hanger.

4.  Shrink in the oven according to the directions on the Shrinky Dink package.

5.  Let cool, and then paint Mod Podge on the roof and sprinkle with glitter while it is still wet.  (This will look like snow.)

That's it!

If you try this project, I'd love to see your handiwork!  You can tag me on Instagram with #shabbynesthouse.

Merry Christmas!

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