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As I mentioned in this post,  it's been hard for me to keep up with blogging for the past couple of years.  I have been thinking about the reason behind that.  And I realized that it was really all about my own expectations for what was worthy of blogging about.

I felt like I always had to share a "WOW!" project.  
Something that would make everyone "oooh and aaah".  

I can't afford to add a fireplace to my house right now...but my console table and some firewood work to create a "faux fireplace".  (We even hang our stockings there at Christmas.)

But, the entire landscape of my life has changed since I was blogging full time.  I am now a single mom.  I am on a tight budget.  I can dream about all the projects that I want to accomplish in my house.  And believe me, I dream.  And dreaming is okay.  I have a list a mile long of amazing projects that I want to do.  But, in reality, many of the things on the list might never come to fruition.  Whether because everything I want to do requires some level of expertise that I don't have, requires time I can't find...or because I simply don't have the funds to pay for the project, I can't plan on accomplishing all of them.

Does that mean that I have to sit back and feel sorry for myself?  Does it mean that I should just settle for a house that I don't love simply because I can't afford to add a fireplace or new stair railing? Does it mean that I don't have anything worth sharing with my readers here on the blog?  The answer to each of these questions is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I love my little boys' room, but you know what?  It's only partially decorated... for example, see the bunk bed ladder?  It's still waiting for a coat of paint.   But I feel like the space is still beautiful and worth sharing!

The truth is, and I've mentioned this many times before, our homes are meant to be havens.  They are meant to be our safe zones, our retreats.  And we can make them beautiful with very little money.  And I really mean that.  I have been there (to be honest, I'm still there).

And so, what I realized is that I really want this blog to be a place where I can journal everything I feel about houses and decorating and how to create spaces that we love when we aren't able to spend a fortune (or to really spend anything for that matter).  And let me tell you, there are ways to create a beautiful, expensive-looking space for very little money!

I want you to be able to come here and feel uplifted, inspired and empowered  that no matter your circumstances...whether you live in a studio apartment, a small house, a basement, or a trailer...you can make your space beautiful.  You can make it a reflection of you and somewhere that you are happy to spend time.

It's  not about following the decorating trends.  It's about embracing the things that you love and making them work in your space.  And here's the quote that inspired me with this idea...

Stick to the things you really love.  
An honest room is always up to date.
Billy Baldwin

From this quote, I came up with a new decorating mantra that I can't wait to share with you.  It's what I want to call "Honest Decorating"...decorating on a real budget, creating sanctuaries that might not be straight off the pages of a shelter magazine, but that are lovely none-the-less.  Honest Decorating/Living is about embracing the things we love, the things we have to work with, and making the best of them.  It's about not comparing ourselves or our houses to others, but creating places/lives that are a reflection of our true selves regardless of the others.  It's about gleaning the best from the amazing inspiration we are given here on the internet, and using it to build ourselves up rather than making us feel inadequate.

I hope you'll join  me as I work on shifting this blog to become a journal of honest decorating and living inspiration.  I can't wait to share the ways that we can all work to make our lives beautiful on a budget.  I'm hoping we can start a conversation that will help us all to love the homes we're in and the lives we're living...wherever we are.  



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Miss Kitty said...

Hi Wendy! Wow...I loved your blog post and the quote by Billy Baldwin. I love to watch HGTV but I don't think I would ever be happy with a kitchen that is exposed to folks coming in the front door or no bathtub in the master bathroom that seems to be so popular right now. Your post has given me confidence to just do what feels right for me. Your living room is just GORGEOUS. I saw your post over at "The Scoop" blog party (I think).

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