The Beauty of a Turkish Rug

This post is sponsored by Unique Rug Store. All opinions expressed are my own.

One of the great things about being in the design world for as long as I have is that I have really come to understand my personal style.  I used to get caught up in the latest trends and everything I was seeing on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and out there in Blogland.  Now don't get me wrong, I still get a lot of inspiration from all of those places, but I simply use it to add touches to my existing style.

I have learned that I am truly a Traditionalist at heart.  Although I do like to throw in a more modern piece here and there for interest (for instance, my console table and lamps in my living room are more contemporary).  

And one of the things that I have really developed a love for are beautiful rugs. Especially Turkish, Oushak and Oriental rugs.    Their detailed patterns and traditional motifs make me happy.  Can a rug actually make you happy?  Why yes, yes it can.

A while back I was contacted by Unique Rug Store to see if I would be interested in a collaboration.  And after taking one look at their products, I was hooked!  The name "Unique Rug Store" is truly fitting, because they take vintage Turkish rugs and make them new again by overdying or even piecing them together into beautiful patchwork creations.  They also have a selection of "decolorized rugs", vintage Kilim and undyed rugs as well.

The rug which I chose is a lovely muted and intricately patterned Turkish rug that has been overdyed in Beige.   A lot of times when we think of overdyed rugs, we picture vibrant hues, and they offer those as well, but the beige overdyed rugs spoke to my neutral loving heart.  And this beauty looks perfect in my living room!

So if you are looking for a unique rug for your space - whether you are more traditional or more contemporary in style - check out Unique Rug Store!  I bet you'll find something you love!

I received my rug free of charge in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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