One Room Challenge - Week 3 - Why You Should Always Pick Paint Last

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!

If you haven't seen my posts for Week 1  where I talk about my overall plan including this beautiful wallpaper mural...


or Week 2 where I talk about picking out a counter top...

Photo:  Arizona Tile
 make sure and read them to get all caught up on the excitement that is my powder bath makeover!

But for today's ORC post, we're going to talk about paint.  And, more specifically, the reasons why you should always wait until the end of a design project to pick the paint color.

Let's take another look at the gorgeous mural wallpaper I chose for the powder bath.  

 From looking at the image online you would guess that the mural is created in tones of charcoal gray, right?  Guess again!

The gray in the mural actually has a markedly purple undertone.

But luckily, this ain't my first rodeo.  So I waited until the mural arrived to choose a paint color for the remaining walls.  The mural covers two of the bathroom walls, and I knew that I wanted the other two to be dark and moody.  

I have several favorite dark grays that I could have chosen.  But if I had gone ahead and picked out a dark charcoal gray and painted  before I got the mural, I would have been sorely disappointed.  And I would have been making a return trip to the paint store for a different color. 

After using the mural for direction,  I went with an unexpected- but beautifully moody - shade of plum-gray called Exclusive Plum by Sherwin Williams.

Photo:  Sherwin Williams

 It goes on the walls this week...and I couldn't be more excited!

Picking paint at the end of a project is always the best bet.  It is what I do with my clients when picking out interior finishes for a new build because there are always several variations of a shade (gray for instance) and each one is nuanced in certain ways.  So waiting for the other elements to be chosen guarantees that you can find a paint that will play well with all of them.

Join me next week for Week 4 - heading into the final stretch!



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Seeking Lavender Lane said...

Yes! I just added this mural to my office and same thing has a bit of a purple hue. I decided to paint the walls a charcoal around them. Look forward to seeing the finished look, I too almost added this to our powder room initially.

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