One Room Challenge - Week 4 - Setbacks and How to Overcome Them

Hello Friends!

Welcome to week 4 of my powder bath redo

This week I want to talk a bit about setbacks - one of which has to do with this pretty little light fixture right here...

But first, if you haven't had a chance to read my ORC posts for Weeks 1, 2 and 3,
make sure you do, so you can catch up on all the goings-on.

Now back to this week's setbacks.

Let me say first, that there are always setbacks when one decides to redo a space.  It doesn't matter how simple and straightforward the plans are.  Something inevitably goes wrong.
And this week, three things went wrong.

Let's start from the simplest and make our way to the most challenging.

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I painted.  For the most part, the painting went smoothly.

Remember this dramatic color I decided to use? Exclusive Plum from Sherwin Williams. 
It is fabulous in a semi-gloss.  I can't wait to show you at the reveal!

  There was only one hiccup.  


When my counter top was installed, they apparently didn't sure paintable caulk.  So there are a couple of spots around the counter where the paint just wont stick and the caulk is showing through.
There are a few different ways I can handle this, but I haven't decided which I want to use yet, so I will have to update you next week.  This is minor and although it is a little bit irritating, it is easily fixed so I'm not stressing too much.

Setback #2 was a little more of a challenge.  This is the faucet I am using.  I found it online. It was a brand I hadn't heard of before, and I should have been a bit wary.  But it is so pretty that my heart took over my head.  I mean look at it!

 Well, it turns out it is manufactured overseas and the fittings were the wrong size.  Now thankfully, I was not trying to install this myself or things could have gotten really ugly.  As it was, it just took longer to install and required my contractor friend to confer with a plumbing expert.

The final setback was the most difficult and I am still looking to resolve it.
Back to this pretty light...

I also ordered this light online.   The brand had good ratings and so I really think the situation was just bad luck.    But after the light was installed, I decided I wanted a higher wattage light bulb in it. Unfortunately, when I tried to remove the existing light bulb, the fixture literally pulled apart!  (I am opting not to link to either the light or the faucet because I am not trying to complain about either product - but rather show the pitfalls that can occur.)

So, I had to return the light (thankfully the website I ordered from makes that process easy) and have a very inexpensive temporary sconce installed while I look for another light.

But there is always a bright side,  and in this case, I realized that the metal shade wasn't a good choice for a powder room with dark walls.  So now I have a chance to find a fixture that will give off more light.  The only problem is that I might not have it installed before the reveal in two weeks.

So there you have it...a very eventful week 4.

Week 5 will involve finishing touches and styling so that I can get this pretty little space photographed to share with you in two weeks!  This week should be fun.  I'm looking forward to it..I hope you are too.



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Libbie@lifeunfolding said...

Wendy, Hang in there! I can't wait to see how this turns out as I'm loving all of your choices.

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