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Age is just a number.  I truly believe that.  But ever since I turned 45, I have become passionate about helping women over 40 to live their absolute best lives.  And I am in the process of turning this passion in to a full-blown business that I am CRAZY excited about!

If you'd like to know a bit more about what I mean....I shared my Curated Lifestyle manifesto here.  Make sure you take a minute to read it and get a feeling for just what this new movement is all about. 

In the spirit of this new adventure, I wanted to introduce an exciting feature to my blog.  A series of interviews with extraordinary women in their 40's and beyond that I admire! 

I believe that as Perennials (forever blooming and ageless) women, we have so much to offer the world with our unique perspectives and enthusiasm for life. And I know you'll agree as you read the insights I've been gaining from these fabulous ladies.

To kick this series off, I'm excited to introduce you to my good friend,
  Tauni Everett.  

I first met Tauni when I moved back to Utah from Massachusetts in 2010.  She is an amazing woman full of life, heart and a healthy dose of business savvy.  If you've been a part of the blog world at all for the past several years, you may know Tauni as the founder of the Snap Conference.  But there is so much more to her than that.

Welcome Tauni!

What was your view of "aging" before you hit your 40's and how has it changed?
Age was a much bigger deal at 20 than it was at 30 or even as I approached my 40’s, but I still take it as a HUGE compliment when people are surprised at “how old I am.” LOL

What is something you consciously let go of and didn't take with you into your 40’s?

Needing to fit in with the “in crowd.” The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized the best thing in the world is to have friends and be friends with everyone. Running with a “squad” or belonging to a specific “tribe” typically only leads to hurt feelings on some level.

When and how did you realize your passion in life?  Has it changed as you've grown older?

For years I tried to figure out the one thing I did better than anyone else…I took golf lessons to see if I was like Tiger Woods (I’m not). I took art lessons to see if I was like Georgia O’Keefe (also a no). I’ve dabbled in graphic design and crafting where I do okay, but I am no Heidi Swapp, Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines. 

It took years, but during my 30’s I realized I am excellent at connecting people to one another and helping others build a meaningful business. Today, I am absolutely passionate about helping women grow their personal brand. 

What ignited the fire in you to finally "pull the trigger" and pursue your passion?

I’ve never been afraid to pursue my dreams (thanks Mom + Dad!). It’s lead me to countless career opportunities. I worked with the NBA, Olympics and multiple presidential candidates before starting and selling my own company.  I’ve also traveled to more than 35 countries. 

It just took me a bit of time to settle in and focus on a career that truly had meaning - something that provides opportunity and allows me to give back. I love working as a business coach for mompreneurs!

What's one of your best tips for making difficult decisions?

If you’ve got a big decision ahead feel free to take advice from others, but at the end of the day follow your heart.  

Change can be scary.  What helps you overcome any fears/insecurities, or excuse-making, in order to courageously leap onto a new path?

Change is almost always scary. When I face a fear, I walk myself through a mental exercise called fear leaping. I ask myself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if I…”  Then, “Okay. What if that happens? How will I handle it?” I almost always realize that the worst possible thing can be worked through and really isn’t that bad. 

How do you make your time work for you so that you are able to fulfill family and professional roles, but still have time to "create" and develop yourself?

The key to maintaining order in my life is setting boundaries (knowing when to say no) and maintaining a block schedule. It allows me to fit in all of the most important things in my life, from family to work and even “me” time. 

I maintain my to-do list and my priorities using Trello, a free, web-based productivity tool. 

What do you consider to be your most essential priorities at this point in your life?

The most important thing in my life is my family, followed by work with my clients and personal development.  

Have you found that you have developed more in your personal style (fashion or interiors - or both!) as you've grown older?  How has it changed/evolved? 

While my personal style has evolved over time (I’d like to think it’s gotten better), I’ve always been drawn to classic American style. Casual preppy pieces, with simple clean lines, define my wardrobe and my home design. 

Is there a beauty or make-up tip you wish you had learned about earlier?

It’s silly, but I didn’t know much about primers and pore refiners until about five years ago. I love them. Also, I wish BB Cream would have been around when I was younger! 

Thank you for you insight Tauni!  You can find Tauni online at TauniEverett.com

Until next time,


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