Our Homes Our Sactuaries

I have posted many times on this blog about what I believe is the most important thing when it comes to our homes.  And that is - that they are our havens.

But as I have been dwelling on, researching about, and further diving into this idea, I have come to feel that the term "haven" really isn't strong enough.  And I have decided instead that we really need to view our homes as Sanctuaries.  And treat them with the reverence and importance that such a term indicates.

The term Sanctuary is by definition: a sacred or holy place.  A place where one seeks refuge.
And that is just what our homes should be.  Places of refuge.  And as such, they should be places that lift us, build us, comfort us, and bring us to a higher level.

Which is why I feel that designing and decorating our homes, far from being frivolous pursuits, are highly important activities that actually bless the lives of ourselves and our families.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine sent me a screen shot of a quote she had seen on Instagram.  I wish I knew who to properly attribute the quote to, but she said that it made her think of me and my philosophy about houses.  So I want to share it.

We create homes after the manner of our Creator.  We organize.  Divide.  Form.  Beautify.  Diversify.  And then within those walls of creation, we shelter and nourish life.  A home has geography.  It has atmosphere. It is a point from which we depart and to which we return.  If someone walked into your home, what would they hear, see, smell, feel and taste?  What type of world have they just entered?
So beautiful, right?  Our homes are quite literally, our chance to create the best possible world for ourselves and our families.   The most important decision that I made for my children after my divorce was purchasing our little home, which we affectionately call Hydeaway Cottage.  I longed more than anything to give my children the stability of having a "childhood home" which is something they hadn't had up to that point as we moved around so much.

Our house is small.  And the furnishings in it are not expensive, but I have strived to make it a beautiful place for my children.  A place where they feel loved, protected and cared for.  A place they will always remember as home.  And honestly, design is part of how I accomplish this purpose.

My friend Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom) has this to say:

To my mind, a thoughtfully designed home is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family.  The items you've chosen to surround you, both the practical and the decorative, tell your family's story. They foster important conversations.  They influence the likes and dislikes of your family members.  They have the ability to prevent or cause frustration.  They form the backdrop to your child's childhood.

I am passionate about helping others turn their homes into Sanctuaries.  And I believe 100% that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to do that.  (In fact, I am proof that it doesn't have to cost very much money at all.)  And I am excited to further explore this idea in future posts.

Let me end with this quote from the author biography of one of my fellow design bloggers, Kristy Woodson Harvey who says:

Creating a beautiful home can be the catalyst for creating a beautiful life. 

Let's work on doing that together.


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