Decorating Your Home Can Help Your Family Relationships

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Isn't it interesting how when you are focused on something in your life, you keep being led to things that support your belief?  This phenomenon is always a good indicator that I am focusing on something important.  And that is exactly what is happening as I develop my philosophy that our Homes are Sanctuaries.

I love this quote...but in this case, I would extend it to say that you can be certain also of improving your Home.   And the study I am about to share with you shows the importance of this, and definitely supports the idea that our Homes are very important to the quality of our family life.

Brigham Young University recently completed a study that illustrates (according to study co-author and Professor Larry Nelson) that

You can put two people in the same space but how they feel about that space affects how they interact with their family members

In the study, they determined that the size of a house has little bearing on the way that the family interacts, but rather the way the house feels to them.  The layout of the furniture, whether the house is comfortable and attractive - all of those aspects effected the family's relationships and interactions more than the size or price of the home.

The authors of the study believe that parents should use the physical aspects of the home, including furniture arrangement and decoration to help the family feel more secure and to help foster family relationships.

According to Carly Thornock, one of the other authors of the study,

There’s a lot you can do to nurture your relationships with your family without saying anything.  As a parent, if you want your kids to feel close and connected, you could consider putting their pictures on the wall in a highly visible spot in the home.

I agree! Making sure that your home reflects the importance of and the interests of your family members is an essential part of creating a family culture.  Put up their pictures!  Display their collections!

Moreover, this study goes right along with my belief that we don't have to have the latest and greatest of everything.  We don't need the largest homes.  What we need are thoughtfully designed and articulated spaces that make our families feel cared for and loved.  And that is something that can be accomplished on any budget.



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